Padlock (uniform) for industrial enviroment

Perfect for industrial environments due to the robust design and special coating

Why Choose this type?



Due to the unique design, it is secure and future-proof:

–  wheaterproof / hot-dip galvanized coating

–  secure / steel base material and copper insert

It can be used in any industrial environment, even for switchboxes (electricitys), containers, gates… etc.

Our padlock is a unique and innovative solution for the industrial environment.

They are made of steel and copper, and are surface treated with a hot-dip galvanised coating for guaranteed weatherproof and long-term durability. We produce the padlock insert and key to be customized to exactly fit your requirements.

The main strength of padlock is that you can easily open several locks with a single key. This simplifies key handling, especially on industrial facilities where several padlocks are needed to secure different areas or equipment. This is not only practical and time-saving, but also makes the area more secure, as the handling and replacing of keys is simplified.

This padlock are useful in places where keys need to be changed frequently, such as for work changes or periodic access control. A single key system makes such processes much more efficient, minimising the risk of potential failures.

We can produce padlocks with several tab sizes, with 6 mm or 10 mm tabs according to the customer’s requirements

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If you’re looking for a secure, weatherproof and practical solution for use in an industrial environment, our single lock is the ideal choice. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your individual requirements!

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