Who are we

Öntvill-Ker Ltd was established in 1994 as a limited company, and in 1996, due to its rapid growth and increasing production needs, it became a unlimited company. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has enabled us to stand out in the industry.


By the autumn in 1998, our focus on our customers and our commitment to quality production led us to build a 600 square meter manufacturing facility. This modern facility has office and warehouse space that allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to growing demands while remaining competitive in the national industrial market.


Öntvill-Ker Ltd. proudly continues its tradition and is committed to excellence and reliability. Whether it’s manufacturing, innovation or customer focus, we are always at the forefront, ready to provide solutions to our partners’ ever-growing needs. Thank you for staying with us as we continue to deliver high quality services!

Vízhálózati és csatornázási szerelvények
Vízhálózati termékek

  We would like to introduce our special product: the Padlock (uniform)

  It is a special, uniform padlock which is excellent for use in industrial environments due to the robust design and special coating.

The distribution of the water system and pipage products

  • wholesale depot of drain-covers, drain-traps, floor-drain castings,

  • hydraulic-engineering installations (as isolating valves, clacks, bolt-locks, flap valves),

  • plastic water-meter shaft, plastic pipe and forms in all measure and quality,

  • water-meter, hollander plastic gaskets, /all are controlled by the ÁNTSZ office/

  • exclusive distributor of plastic seals to water-meter /hanging seals, plastic copper spiral cord to seals/

  • plastic boards with symbols indicated water-lines, pipage appliances and bolt-blocks,

  • flange, snap, fitting, screw.

Öntvill-Ker Kft.